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China Xinruiya Metal Transition Strips

In Xinruiya, there are 3 major types of Metal Transition Strips: one is for carpet(Carpet Trim), one is for tile(Metal Transition Strips for Tile/laminate), another is for door threshold.

Metal Carpet Trim

To cover the edges of carpeting where it meets other floor materials like tiles, wood or  laminate, metal carpet trim is a stylish and practical addition. In our factory, we offer aluminium Carpet Trim in various designs, finishes, and colors, you may choose the best one, or if you need customized products for your carpet and decor, our engineering technologist will help you with it.

Metal Transition Strips for Tile(laminate)

We Xinruiya factory suggest these types: Aluminium T-shape transition, L-shape transition, H-shape transition, square transition, etc. There are hundreds of these molds, we believe our stock can offer a right trim for you. If you are confused to choose which one fits your projects, contact us anytime.

Metal Transition Strips for Tile(laminate)

There are some types of products in stock for you:

The first type with anti-slip pattern, for height difference between high and low tile or laminate flooring(10-35mm), you may apply this threshold with the fixed base support, or fixed it with glue.

The second type, it fits on 8-15mm height difference, less than the first type.

The third type, it is slight curved shaped, with or without double anti-slip groove, four sizes, and, you may install it on the same or different high floorings.   

The fourth door threshold strip is the narrowest one, we suggest you may use it on <1cm gap and <0.7cm height difference.

If you need customized size, send sketch to us, contact us here.

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With a production area spanning 2,200 square meters and a team of 50+ skilled employees, we boast an impressive annual capacity of 5,000,000 pieces.

Our extensive range includes Aluminum Carpet Trim, wall skirting boards, tile trim, wall decoration trim, and OEM/ODM aluminum profiles. We maintain a stock of over 1,000,000 pieces, offering 300 models and an extensive collection of molds.

Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and a professional QC team, we ensure timely delivery of new design tile trim in just 10 to 20 days, including a 7-day mold production period.

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